The Old Man Who Read Love Stories

Assumed Audience: Everyone who loves nature, who is disturbed by the way technology is destroying the natural world, and who is fascinated with cultures, love and people should not give this book a miss.

cover for The Old Man Who Read Love Stories
The Old Man Who Read Love Stories, Luis Sepúlveda (1989)
Tale of an old man who becomes the mediator between the ravages of Western Civilisation and the vengeance of the threatened natural world

I enjoyed reading this entire book in one sitting. It is a well-written tale that spans different timelines. We get to see the world through the eyes of an old man who is placed in a conflict between man and nature when his home is disturbed. Despite reading at a fairly old age, he spends his days reading and contemplating love in faraway places. I learned a lot from this book, including information about Ecuador, ocelots, and, more importantly, the detrimental impact of deforestation on rainforests worldwide.