You might be wondering who I am.

Since there’s enough to get by with on the front page, I assume you’re here for the longer version, so… here we go!


I was born and raised in Uganda, East Africa. I am a Software Engineer by trade, but currently pursuing graduate studies at McGill University and MILA, advised by Prof. David Rolnick. I am interested in the applications of Machine Learning to Climate Change Research, both in mitigation and adaptation. I was previously a Machine Learning Engineer with the R&D team at Sama working mainly on Computer Vision. Through 2020, I was a research intern at Mila - Quebec AI Institute, working under the supervision of Prof. Yoshua Bengio on applied Machine Learning for climate change mitigation as well as humanitarian applications of AI. And before that, I worked with the Makerere University AI Lab in Uganda.

I am on the pursuit of intelligence in Machines for positive societal benefit especially in Africa. As such, most of my research efforts are geared towards this direction. I am part of the Non Profit Sunbird AI - An African technology initiative to create open, practical AI systems for community benefit, an active member of Data Science Africa and the Deep Learning Indaba Communities.

Feel free to reach out for collaborations or questions.

I am constantly learning.

Here is my CV