Siddhartha - Herman Hesse

Your soul is the whole world.

Assumed Audience: With a similar vibe as The Alchemist”, this book is about finding your path along your journey.

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Siddhartha, Herman Hesse (1922)
Herman Hesse writes about the journey of Siddhartha from a boy, to a scholar meeting the Buddha, to a rich man to a father.

I got this book as a christmas present from a secret Santa. With only 141 pages, I read it through on a Sunday and couldn’t put it down. It tells the thought provoking story of Siddhartha, who, in his search for answers explores the extremes of human existence: first through religion, then via harsh self denial, then by plunging deep into the delights of sensual love, wealth, gambling and power. At the very last, he finds a way to temper the pain of human existence, to transcend the self and reach spiritual resolution.